Sigma 400mm f/5.6 HSM APO Macro AF Review Round-Up


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The Sigma AF 400mm f/5.6 HSM APO macro may be discontinued but this surely doesn’t originate in performance factors. The lens is capable to delivery high quality images with very high resolution, low vignetting and insignificant distortions as well as a negligible degree of CAs. The build quality is also decent apart from the AF/MF switch and the focus limiter. Same goes for the focusing speed thanks to Sigma’s HSM (ultrasonic) AF drive. So if you’re looking for a high performance 400mm lens on a budget it is surely worth to check out the used market for this lens. However, you should make sure that the lens is still compatible to today’s DSLRs. The tested sample had no real issues on the EOS 350D but older samples with an old firmware may even lock up your camera. This is especially likely for the older variants with a conventional AF motor (non-HSM). Unfortunately Sigma doesn’t seem to be able to provide firmware updates for all these 400mm lenses anymore. “¦ READ FULL REVIEW

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  1. The picture shown (72mm filter) is a completely different lens and absolutely not as outstanding as the APO Macro version (77mm filter).

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