Sunpak Ultra 757 Tripod Review Round-Up

sunpak-ultra-757-tripodIf you’re buying a tripod on a shoestring budget, this aluminum model will give you all the basics for well under $100. It’s the only tripod in this year’s group with a head included in the price, so there’s no need to purchase one separately. The head’s three-way pan/tilt design, which is operated with twist-locks and a panning handle, is suitable for both photo and video shooting; the tripod comes with two quick-release plates so you can leave one attached to your camera and one to your camcorder. The standard head can also be removed, either to use a different head with the legs or to mount the head on the bottom of the center column for low-level shooting. Built to support up to 11 pounds of gear, the 757 weighs a modest 6.2 pounds, head included. The head isn’t made of the strongest stuff, though, so we’d keep one hand on it if mounting a very heavy lens. Closed up the tripod is 29.3 inches long. Fully extended, it rises to 61.5 inches; crank its geared center column all the way up and you get a surprising 74.8 inches of height. Although this model’s three-section legs aren’t particularly sturdy, it compensates by attaching them to the center column with built-in braces. Other handy features include two spirit levels (one on the head and one on the legs) and retractable foot spikes. About $80. READ FULL REVIEW AT PopPhoto

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