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A while back we mentioned the sponsoring of Don Giannatti’s CreativeLIVE course on tabletop photography.

The course was a success, but we aren’t surprised because Don is a fantastic teacher.

In the tabletop photography class, Don started with an introduction to tabletop lighting, the tools, scrims, and DIY gear.  He then went on to educate the class on the the basic concepts of Tabletop Product Photography, finishing with advanced topics and tips like using  kicker lights, snoots, and grids.

We recommend heading back to CreativeLIVE to order the class video recording and materials.

Learn about:

  • The basics of subject centric light
  • Simple table top tools
  • Product vs. still life
  • Tabletop photography
  • Tabletop lighting
  • The business side of product and still life photography

In Don’s presentation you will see how he sets up for tabletop, what lights he uses and best of all, why he does what he does.

How about some presentation samples?







If these screenshots intrigue you, then please visit CreativeLIVE and purchase Don’s class.  You won’t be disappointed.

Don’t forget that you can learn even more by joining Don on his websites:


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  1. That’s an area of photography that I’d really love to play more with. This gives me some great tips to begin some practice. Thanks!

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