Velbon Neo Carmagne 830 Tripod Review Round-Up

velbon-neo-carmagne-830-tripodIf you’re a pro basketball player looking for an eye-level tripod, this carbon-fiber model is a slam-dunk. Its three-segment, twist-lock legs extend to a 70-inch height on their own, and the tripod reaches a towering 79.7 inches with the sturdy geared center column all the way up. Yet the lowest of its three lockable leg angles allows it to get down to a 13.8-inch minimum height (head not included). The center column on this model isn’t reversible, but it has a built-in mounting screw on the bottom for attaching a head or the supplied weight hook. Also included in the package are a nylon bag for weight stabilization and tools for tightening up the head platform or adjusting the shoulder tension. Designed to support up to 30 pounds, this tripod weighs 6.7 pounds and measures 32 inches when folded up. Its legs have foam padding around their top segments for comfortable carrying over a shoulder, as well as retractable spikes in its rubber feet. The hand crank for the center column is nicely designed, folding in easily when not in use so that it doesn’t protrude when the tripod is closed. About $600. READ FULL REVIEW AT PopPhoto

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  1. I use mine for commercial use and it’s the best

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