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Today I want to talk about the KISS Principle, which is an abbreviate for Keep It Simple, Stupid.

The Kiss Principle was termed by the Navy back in the 60’s and it has since evolved into Keep It Stupid Simple in addition to Keep It Simple, Stupid. Although the term is now stated different, the principle is the same.

The idea of KISS is to find ways to simplify whatever you are trying to get across.

This works for your business marketing and advertising, the content your write for pages and blog articles, and even the design of your website.

Although you want your website to have that personal flare that illustrates you, the photographer, you also want to make sure it’s Stupid Simple so that your customers have as little confusion as possible.

You want them to know what you do, how to find you and how to navigate your website. The last thing you want is for a potential customers to visit your website, not know what type of photography you offer and not find your portfolio.

So please keep KISS in mind with everything you do for your photography business and website.

Before I wrap up this post I want to share one tip related to the KISS principle. I’m referring to the 2 second memory test. Check out this video to learn more about how to perform this test on your website.

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  1. This just hit a nerve, my business partner and I have been debating this. Thank you, we will be sure to use the 2 sec memory test

  2. I am in the process of redesigning my website. I am perplexed how to show my work but not overwhelm my audience. I shoot all forms of photography with the key modalities being Sports, Portrature, and Art. For a single sport shoot (olympic Trials) I may have 3000 photos. If I reduce that number down to 300 it is still a large number. In addition, I would like to show historical sport events as well (1990, 2000, 2010, etc,,)

    Do you have any suggestions for simplifying my website but have a nice selection of galleries.

    1. Try to keep portfolio galleries under 30 (closer to 24) and create an album to organize them.

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