your story your about page

Improve Your About Page With Your Story

your story your about page

Marketing and storytelling are one in the same. The photographer’s about page is often overlooked when writing great content. So today I want to share some simple things to do for improving your about page.

It all starts with a list, which can then be transformed into paragraph and bulleted based content.

Start with your story. How you got into photography. Why you are a photographer. Then create a list of what you bring to the table and how you plan on making your customer’s experience the best possible.

At the end of the day your about page should tell your story, but relate it to your clients.

I was in the process of reworking my about page, and included 10 facts about myself. Two of those included being color blind and dyslexic. No more than an hour after hitting the update button I received an email from a lead. She was an eye doctor opening her own practice. She specializes in color blind people, which apparently relates to dyslexia. So when she read my about page there was an instant connection. So she contacted me.  See the email here.

That is one small bit of proof that sharing your story works.

I’ve now shared a snippet of advice for your about page, and short story of my own experience. But there are so many other photographers utilizing their about pages in such great ways. Below are some of those, so please be sure to check them out.

To keep this discussion going I want to mention two other things.

When reworking my about page I found myself writing too much.  So I eventually cut it down so it’s straight to the point, but still sharing my story.  If you find yourself in that same situation, I recommend rewording your story and submitting it as a Photo Profile at Seven By Five Magazine.  I say that because you then have “press” to include on your website, and it continues your story for anyone interested in reading more.

If you have written an awesome story for your about page, or included a beautiful video then please comment with a link so the community can take a look at what you’ve done.

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