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your story your about page

As photographers we are not always great at writing copy to promote ourselves.

In fact, many photographers outsource their writing of bios and such.

For me personally I have used a very long and personal bio with a much shorter intro.   However, I have been in the process of tweaking and improving my bio and recently revamped it with 10 facts about me..

The goal was to make it connect on a deeper level with potential clients.


I made the switch to the new intro, but kept the longer bio as an optional read for people wanting to learn even more.  I included facts about being color blind and dyslexic which defines me as a photographer and writer.

Within minutes of making the switch I received an email from a potential client.  This is the email, minus the name:

Hi Scott,

I am looking for someone to take photographs of my office and my patients for my website and brochures. I really liked your portfolio. But what captured my attention most was you said you were color blind and dyslexic. I am an optometrist and I work with children that have reading issues often labeled dyslexic, when with the right testing we realize they have vision issues. I opened my practice a year ago, so I am still in a start up phase. Please let me know if you would be interested.

So there you go – the first potential client to contact me after the bio rewrite was a very personal and connected person.

My point here is that if you have ever second guessed being honest and open, telling your story – stop it.

Tell your story and connect with clients.

Thanks for reading,


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