Don’t Get Stuck on Twitter Without Words

I was browsing recent Tweets and came across this one from Hugh Briss. I had to share because it’s such a simple idea that I do not think many photographers take advantage of.

I see many photographers hesitant to put text over the photographs because it will distract from the actual scene.

So here is my suggestion.

On your website you do not need to include text on your photograph. But take that photograph and add a very catchy block of text that will be used on social media.

Set that image as your Featured Image in WordPress, as your Open Graph image for social media and then whenever you share the page or post use the image with text.

That way you have the opportunity to get more words in than you typically cannot.

Make sense?

As a reminder, do not not include the text on a photograph in your portfolio. Only for social media.

Give it a shot and share it with us so we can see what you did.

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