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Photocrati Feature – Media Library Usage

With Photocrati 4.8 out we decided to take an opportunity to share some of the new features we’ve included in the theme.

In the past we built our own uploader and storage for your background images and header logos.  But now in Photocrati 4.8 we’re using the WordPress Media Library. The advantage of this is a smoother upload and storage process. In addition, now when updating the Photocrati Theme you don’t have to worry about ever losing your background images or logos because they’re already stored outside of the theme.

Check out the video:

While this feature doesn’t affect the look of websites, we believe the change in functionality is beneficial for everyone.

Thanks and enjoy,

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  1. just bought photocrati and run 4.8.3 on my site – but I cannot see that. The upload still uses a custom uploader (which does not appear to be very stable), uploaded images do not appear in the media-library, neither galleries nor images cannot be re-used (e.g. appear in multiple galleries, show the same image in a gallery and in a blog-post) – am I missing something here?!

    1. This is not for galleries 🙂 As you can see in the video, it’s for background images, logo, etc. Please contact the support team if you need help with that.

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