Social Referrals for Photographers

Social Referrals for Photographers

referrals for photographers

PhotogRefers is a unique approach to photography referrals. It combines the power of social media, galleries and a referral system to help photographers help each other out.

“Finally… A smarter referral network has arrived for professional photographers. “

At PhotogRefers you have the ability to create a portfolio illustrating your best work in different categories.  You can specify what locations you are available to work and a general price range for your services.

You can then state if you are available for hire as a second shooter.  Once you are running through the system you can share a lead, connect with friends and generate a referral list.

PhotogRefers makes it extremely easy to find other photographers anywhere in the world.  So next time you get an email asking to photograph weddings, when you do not offer wedding photography servers, head over to PhotogRefers and take adcantage of this amazing resource.  You can also check out BOWP for some of the best wedding photographers in the world.  But PhotogRefers is designed for photographers to connect with each other, so use it as a marketing and networking tool.

Referrals for Photographers

Here are some videos talking more about PhotogRefers, and referrals for photographers.

You can connect with me at PhotogRefers as well.  Click here to visit my profile.

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