learning photography online

Learning Photography Online Has Become Easier

learning photography online
I am so excited to share a new website for photographers to learn photography online. The website is called fotoclasses and there are already a variety of amazing courses for you to learn from.

For some time now we have been offering online courses through Udemy, but we now have it on the roadmap to change education platforms and move our courses over to fotoclasses.

Here is a trailer for a recent course available at fotoclasses from my friend Rob Knight.

I am also working on updating my long exposure photography course for teaching at fotoclasses.  Until that is done, some other educators you can learn from at fotoclasses include David Nightingale, Neil Creek, Kenneth Schultz, Joe Lange, Dan Bailey, Andrew Gibson and Angela Heidt.

Learning Photography Online

Classes range from $100 – $200 and do not end with the video content.  The instructors offer projects, quizzes and more.  The educators care deeply about your learning process and want to make sure that they can help you in any way.

So with that, I encourage you to head over to fotoclasses and check out the currently available classes.

fotoclass is currently offering a buy one get one free special on their online photography classes. The special is called “share the love” and is valid through February 15, 2014 for Valentines Day.

Of course, If you want to become an educator and have a video course ready or in the process then get in touch with the team over at fotoclasses and tell them all about your course.  It can be a great way for for you to add additional revenue for your photography business.

Now that I’ve shared all of that info.  I’m curious about what type of courses Photocrati customers and readers would want to learn about?  I can promise you that the fotoclasses team will be reading this article and checking comments.  So if you have a class you would like to learn about then comment so they know.

Thanks you, and now go continue learning photography online in a fantastic new environment.


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