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Back in March of 08 I attended ASMP’s Strictly Business 2 seminar in Philly. It was a wonderful experience of learning a lot about business, what works, what doesn’t and why. It was also an opportunity to hear some of the bloggers and writers I’ve been following for some time speak in person. People like photographer John Harrington, consultant Leslie Burns Dell’Aqua and legend Joyce Tenneson were there. But more than anything it was an opportunity to spend time with some very generous photographers, swap a few war stories, drink a LOT of beer. In this business it’s easy to forget that there are hundreds of people who do this every day just like you do.

ASMP has recently launched a blog called strictly business which includes among other things links to videos of some of the sessions that were held. If your rss reader is anything like mine it’s so overloaded that one more blog is the last thing you need to keep up with, but if you’ve got room in your brain for more info it’s worth a look.

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