How to come up with blog ideas for your photography website

We get it. You’re a photographer, not a blogger. But in this video, you will learn some of the ways you can train yourself to create blog ideas.

The advice in the video comes from well over 5 years of blogging for more than 6 websites every week.

To recap:

  1. Keep notes wherever you go
  2. Always look for new inspiration
  3. Keep every idea and never remove them
  4. Consume content that’s similar to the content you want to create
  5. Let Google help you along the way

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  1. As a wedding photographer I’ve found it easy to add tips and tricks about any aspect for weddings – from preparation through to the historic origins of different traditions – such as the ‘something old, blue, borrowed and new’ schtick. Thinking about things in your niche that not many people think about are great places to start.

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