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Digital Photography Review

The 1000D does just about everything it needs to do, and everything it does, it does well. It can produce great images at any of its ISO settings and, viewed as a whole, makes a great first DSLR. Canon seems to have gently toned-down the specification so that it rates slightly less well in all the metrics that appear on shop shelf tags – pixel count, continuous shooting speed, number of AF points and screen size. The only one of these to have any real impact on the user experience is the continuous shooting speed, which has been pruned back a little far. The 1000D doesn’t stand out from the competition as much as previous models. It’s certainly a safe bet and one of the most consistent offerings in the sector . . . its all-round competence, excellent high ISO performance and class-leading image quality will win it a lot of friends. READ FULL REVIEW

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Camera Labs

The EOS 1000D / Rebel XS replaces the EOS 400D / Rebel XT i as the entry-level DSLR in Canon’s range and sports the same 10.1 Megapixel resolution, 3fps continuous JPEG shooting and 2.5in screen. he big new feature here is Live View, although the 1000D / XS is also Canon’s lightest DSLR to date at just 450g. The 1000D / XS also comes supplied with a stabilised kit lens and software which lets you remote control the camera with your PC or Mac. The AF system may have been downgraded from the 400D / XTi’s 9-points to a more basic 7-point system, but that’s still more than some models here. Ultimately the 1000D / XS remains a great choice for entry-level buyers. READ FULL REVIEW

Imaging Resource

The Canon Rebel XS has a 10.1 megapixel image sensor that is almost identical to that used in the Rebel XTi, with the same photosite size and only slight changes to the overall packaging. This compares to a higher resolution of 12.2 megapixels for the existing XSi digital SLR. Other areas where the Rebel XS’ specification has been pared down somewhat from the XSi to control cost and provide product differentiation include the LCD (2.5″ diagonal instead of 3.0″), autofocus system (7-point using the same sensor from the Rebel XT, vs. 9-point in the XSi), viewfinder (81% coverage vs. 87%), image processing (12-bit vs. 14-bit), metering (the spot mode found in the XSi has been dropped), and remote control functionality (wired only, vs. wired and wireless). There’s also Canon’s DIGIC III image processor which should offer better performance and image quality. READ FULL REVIEW

Steve’s Digicams

Canon has put together yet another awesome Digital SLR for the beginner to intermediate user. The combination of ease of use and versatility make this a very appealing model in the “entry-level” category. I feel the XS offers a great “bang for your buck”. With outstanding image quality, very robust performance, and loads of useful exposure options, the Rebel XS will make a great camera for anyone who is just stepping into the dSLR realm, or for an experienced photographer who would like a more compact model. The only issues I really had with this camera were the useless Live View function, and the loss of the rubber hand grip. Overall, I would highly recommend this model to anyone looking at purchasing their first dSLR. READ FULL REVIEW


The baby brother to the Rebel XSi, the Canon EOS Rebel XS is the typical, almost-identical, but slightly less-powerful, version of that camera. Overall, the XS outperforms all but the D60 for shooting speed. The Rebel XS’ only really obvious advantage over the competition is its photo quality, which is quite good, especially at high ISO sensitivities. If you crop a lot, need a spot meter, or merely want the larger LCD, then it’s worth paying a little extra for the XSi; otherwise, the XS will probably serve your needs well. If you want the best photo quality and/or need fast, low-light focus, the Canon Rebel XS outshines its competitors. However, it doesn’t deliver the best value for the money overall. READ FULL REVIEW

Ken Rockwell

The Canon Rebel XS is the lightest DSLR even made by Canon. … The Canon Rebel XS is a $699, 10 MP, 2.5″ LCD DSLR which should ship in August 2008. It comes packaged with the 18-55mm IS lens for $699. It competes directly against the Nikon D60. What’s new and interesting is Canon’s Auto Lighting Optimizer, which if it works as well as Nikon’s Automatic Dynamic Range Adjustement, will be a huge help in making significantly better pictures. I’m all for inexpensive, light and small, which is this camera. Personally I own a Nikon D40, which I find much easier to use than my Canon DSLRs. READ FULL REVIEW

Photo Review

Replacing the popular EOS 400D at the entry level of Canon’s DSLR range, the EOS 1000D brings yet another level to Canon’s DSLR nomenclature, reflecting the days of film, when Canon’s lowest-priced SLR cameras had four-figure model names. The viewfinder in the 1000D is small – and very similar to the 400D. It boasts the same 10.1-megapixel imager as the 400D but is smaller and lighter and supports Live View shooting. Overall performance from the test camera was in line with previous Canon DSLR cameras we’ve reviewed. The 1000D has been designed for photographers who want to upgrade from a digicam to a more capable, better performing DSLR. READ FULL REVIEW

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  1. Hi

    Just bought a 2nd-hand CANON EOS 1000D.

    Love it, BUT it’s driving me crazy trying to find out how to switch between LDC and viewfinder.

    When I got it, it would only allow me to compose pics through LCD when in ‘Creative’ modes. And in Basic modes I couldn’t access the LCD at all (except for viewing shots already taken.)

    Have now removed previous owners’ Custom Sets and now can’t use LCD screen at all!! Have to compose using viewfinder in ALL modes.


  2. is the most ship version of a SLR. is very usefull in very conditions, but if you want more quality, you most to pay fot that. actualy I am workin with this cam, and “I LIKE IT”, it let me do many think and is with me in any place i go.

    if you want to see how this camera work visit this gallery of images,

    or my blog in spanish and many more examples

    of course, is used a edition software to cover some deficit.

  3. I spent several weeks reviewing the REBEL XS vs it’s many 10 MP adversaries, I even checked it against the ultra zooms as I wanted the convenience of video as well, but too many good things stood out with this camera and so I decided upon it.

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