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The big story with the Canon EOS 1D Mark III is that it’s a better, more universally appealing professional camera for more types of professional photographers. I think a lot of intermediate photographers may want to make the jump as well, given its more friendly interface and astonishing high ISO performance. The EOS 1D Mark III has several improvements that illustrate its greater versatility: Fast performance, high resolution, and improved image quality across the board, resolution sufficient for double-truck spreads and general commercial photography. Even faster capture, processing, and write speeds, and faster AF tracking for sports shooters, super low-light capability for photojournalists (High ISO). Quoting the bare specs says a lot: 10 frames per second, 10 megapixels, 110 JPEG buffer, three inch LCD, Live View mode, dual DIGIC III processors, automatic sensor cleaning. Bottom line, the Canon 1D Mark III is by far the fastest digital SLR on the planet, and one of the very fastest SLRs ever. READ FULL REVIEW

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Steve’s Digicams

The first thing you’ll notice about the Mark III is its physical presence. It’s no light weight, but the Mark III is well balanced. … All of the 1D Mark III controls and external cover seams are sealed from water and dust. … Its eye-level glass pentaprism covers the full 100% of the captured image, allowing for precise composition. For the ultimate image quality, shoot in the RAW format and you’re able to do a lot of post-capture manipulation with no loss of image data. If you want to be able to quickly use your images then shoot in standard compressed JPEG format. You can even select the JPEG + RAW mode and capture both image formats … The Mark III’s image quality at high ISO is very good. … This camera will not disappoint – the Mark III is an excellent value for the pro who needs its increased resolution and improved performance, and to the extent that the Mark III enables them to earn more income, they will buy it. READ FULL REVIEW


This new SLR feels like a machine gun when set to its Continuous Shooting mode, with which we were able to capture 10-megapixel JPEGs at an average of 9.9 frames per second. Add to that this camera’s amazingly low noise, high-end build quality, and vast custom-function menu, and you’ve got one of the hottest cameras to hit the market this year. One of the only problems with Canon’s 1D and 1Ds series bodies is that they are big and heavy. … Colors look extremely accurate, and the automatic white balance does an excellent job of neutralizing colors under a variety of lighting situations. … If you can afford the cost of the 1D Mark III, and are a Canon shooter who doesn’t absolutely need the higher resolution of the 16.6-megapixel 1Ds Mark II, then this camera is a no-brainer. … Canon’s EOS 1D Mark III offers a luxurious cocktail of high-resolution, extremely low noise, blazingly fast burst shooting, abundant customization, and a build quality and ergonomic design among the best you’ll find in today’s camera market. READ FULL REVIEW

The Canon EOS 1D Mark III is perhaps the most technologically advanced Digital SLR available today. This isn’t based on just one feature – such as the ability to capture at 10 frames/second – but rather on a whole host of features which are improvements on the Canon EOS-1D Mark II N. The EOS 1D Mark III is aimed at the professional photographer who needs to record fast action in all types of conditions. The shutter is rated for 300,000 cycles (more than any other EOS SLR), the camera is weather sealed, the buffer can store over 100 large jpg files and with the ability to capture at ISO 6400, the EOS 1D Mark III can continue taking pictures when lesser cameras have given up and gone home! READ FULL REVIEW

Ken Rockwell

As far as I’m concerned, the Canon 1D Mk III is world’s best camera for sports and action. Why? Easy: It runs at 10 frames per second, critical for anything that’s moving faster than you can see, and it works great at ISO 6,400. ISO 6,400 is two stops faster than ISO 1,600, so an f/2.8 lens becomes twice is as fast as an f/1.4 lens at ISO 1,600. ISO 6,400 is insanely useful. For those of you who remember film, ISO 1,600 was about tops for color and it was very grainy and dull. Konica 3,200 sucked. There was no retail ISO 6,400 film, period. The fact that the 1D Mk III makes any images at all at ISO 6,400 is laudable; the fact that they look great is insane. The Canon 1D Mk III is a big, heavy and complicated pro camera. The price is right: about $4,500. You people know who you are. If I was a news photographer with a budget, I would have had ordered two of these the day they were announced in March 2007. READ FULL REVIEW


The Canon EOS 1D Mark III packs an impressive mix of features and functions into a rock-solid pro body. Image quality is first-rate at low ISOs and it pushes the envelope with its high ISO performance — managing noise while maintaining resolution very well. It ups the ante in terms of autofocusing speed and range, ISO range, LCD screen size and live preview, and of course, that world-beating 10 fps burst rate. We expected something big from Canon this year, as the company celebrated its 70th anniversary and 20 years of the EOS system. It delivered a real winner with the Canon EOS 1D Mark III. READ FULL REVIEW

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Released in the year of the 20th anniversary of the EOS brand, the new EOS-1D Mark III is true to its EOS professional heritage. Canon’s most ambitions camera to date, it’s an amalgam of the best of Canon’s technologies and sports a water and dust resistant magnesium alloy body and a shutter that is rated for 300,000 cycles. Although superficially the 1D Mark III’s body looks a lot like the EOS-1D Mark II N, which it replaces, the new camera has a larger, 3.0-inch LCD monitor. Although not the only DSLR to offer real-time viewing of subjects on the LCD monitor, the Live View system on the 1D Mark III is by far the smoothest and most colour and tonally accurate we’ve seen. In all respects, the EOS-1D Mark III we have reviewed is the best digital camera we have seen. It’s a match for the EOS-1Ds Mark II in every respect save resolution (which is to be expected, given the latter’s full-frame image sensor and 16.7-megapixel resolution). READ FULL REVIEW

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