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Digital Photography Review

Without a doubt the other most significant thing about the EOS-10D is the price. Other internal improvements included the new LCD monitor, the addition of Adobe RGB, a rotation sensor and crucially support for sensitivity equivalence up to ISO 3200. If you’ve ever handled a D30 or D60 and you pick up the EOS-10D you’ll be immediately struck by how much stronger this camera feels, and how much that body adds to the feeling of quality and superb value. The next surprise will be your first auto focus, which will be remarkably fast and certain. I have no concerns in stating that as things stand (at the time of writing this review) the EOS-10D is the absolute best in class, with the best image quality, lowest high sensitivity noise, superb build quality and excellent price (not to mention the huge choice of lenses). READ FULL REVIEW

Other Canon EOS 10D Reviews

Steve’s Digicams

The look and feel of the D60 was excellent and you’ll notice that Canon didn’t change much with the exterior design of the 10D – they didn’t have to. I was quite pleased with the new control layout and think that most users will feel “at home” with it in short order. The magnesium body really completes the camera by giving it a professional feel and does so without adding to the total weight. The shutter seems to be more responsive too. When you first turn the camera on it takes about three seconds to be ready to capture the first shot. I don’t have an exact number for the AF speed increase but I’d feel comfortable saying that it was at least 90% quicker now. READ FULL REVIEW


If you’re looking for a first digital SLR, they don’t get much more appealing than the 6.3-megapixel Canon EOS 10D. The 10D provides improved image quality and a slightly more streamlined design without sacrificing the broad accessory and lens compatibility of the EOS line. The 10D’s solid-feeling black magnesium-alloy body weighs nearly two pounds but fits comfortably into your hand. … There are a few features for which we’d prefer more flexibility. For instance, in burst mode, you can’t choose between single and continuous autofocus … And while we appreciate the ability to capture RAW and JPEG files simultaneously, the only way to get the JPEG file is to extract it using Canon’s less than fabulous RAW processing software … A bigger drawback is the fixed nine-frame capture limit … We had mixed reactions to the photographs we shot with the 10D; it’s capable of taking first-rate photos, but results vary unpredictably compared with those of other dSLRs. READ FULL REVIEW

Luminous Landscape

Like many contemporary cameras, the 10D is somewhat schizophrenic. In terms of build, image quality and capabilities it is what might be called a prosumer camera. Many pros have been working with the D30 and D60 for the past couple of years, producing commercial quality work. The 10D certainly will be bought by working pros for many of the same reasons. … Entry level digital buyers will find that it meets their needs and gives them lots of room to grow and learn. Advanced amateurs and pros will find it to be a tool that effectively delivers high quality images, and does so at an attractive price. In a nutshell – if you’re in the market and don’t already own a high end DSLR the 10D will be very tempting indeed. … Considering the price the 10D is undoubtedly the best digital SLR on the market today. READ FULL REVIEW

Ken Rockwell

The 10D is a slick $1,500 6MP digital SLR. Image quality is the same or better than every other DSLR except the EOS 1Ds. You can get the same image quality in a plasticyer package with a few less features as the $900 Digital Rebel. My biggest concern is that it’s slower on playback than the Nikons. Each time you move to the next image it’s fuzzy on the screen till the camera reads the rest of the file a second later. This sounds trivial, but just like the D30 and D60 it slows down your ability to see what you shot. READ FULL REVIEW

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