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Digital Photography Review

The EOS-1Ds is Canon’s newest professional SLR. Based on the EOS-1D body the EOS-1Ds raises resolution to 11 megapixels, uses a CMOS sensor and is the first Canon digital SLR with a sensor which captures a full 35 mm frame. The EOS-1D has a 4 megapixel sensor and can capture at an amazing 8 frames per second, clearly targeted at the sports photographer. … The 1Ds is capable of shooting at wider angle than any other digital SLR. From a size point of view the 1Ds body is almost identical to an EOS-1V with the additional powerdrive booster attached. … Build quality is superb, the entire body molded from magnesium alloy with environmental seals around every compartment door, terminal, connector and button. The EOS-1Ds is the first released digital SLR with double figure effective pixel count and it’s also one of the first released digital SLR’s with a full 35 mm size sensor. …I love this camera, it’s addictive, you get the first hit when you pick it up, look through the viewfinder and press that shutter release, it’s one of the most effective and rewarding photographic tools you can use. … Simply the best (at the time of writing this review). READ FULL REVIEW

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Steve’s Digicams

At the time of this review the Canon EOS-1Ds is the “ultimate digital SLR” in both features and image quality. The 1Ds creates massive 4064 x 2704 size images that you can almost get lost scrolling inside of when viewed at 100%. These images give you lots of “cropping room” and still have plenty of resolution left to make really big prints – like 16 x 20-inch. For the ultimate image quality shoot in the RAW format … If you want to be able to quickly use your images then shoot in standard compressed JPEG format. You can even select the JPEG + RAW mode … We’ve been in search of a full-frame digital SLR for a while now — now we have it. This camera really pushes a wide angle lens to its optical limits. The most common complaint is that the images look “soft” but this is something we pretty much expect from high-end cameras that employ some type of low-pass filter over the sensor. It’s also one of the most expensive digital cameras which is to be expected given its extensive capabilities. … If anyone is still saying that they’re waiting for digital cameras to catch up to film then they haven’t seen or used the Canon EOS-1Ds yet! READ FULL REVIEW


The 1Ds is a state-of-the-art digital SLR that meets professional imaging and performance standards, with a price to match. Canon’s latest foray into the high-end photography market, the EOS-1Ds, may be the most capable digital SLR sold today. With an eye-popping 11.1-megapixel effective resolution, this model trounces its 3- and 6-megapixel EOS ancestors. The 1Ds’s black, magnesium-alloy body has a comfortably reassuring build that feels much like Canon’s EOS 1V film-camera body. Protected from rain and snow by rubber grommets and O-ring seals that line buttons and openings, this camera is made to last. The downside: the 1Ds is bulky and weighs 3.5 pounds with a battery installed and without a lens. Scrolling through its menus requires you to hold down one of two buttons … while turning a control dial. … Two key features combine to put the 1Ds at the top of the digital SLR market: Its 11.1-megapixel effective resolution and its ability to use wide-angle lenses to their fullest potential. However, this model lags far behind the 1D in terms of shooting speed. READ FULL REVIEW

Luminous Landscape

This is a camera that I feel I could take on any assignment and it would survive whatever I put it though as well as any camera could. Also, since I am a long-time Canon user I feel totally at home with the controls and layout. Someone coming from another system might take a while to really become familiar with the highly complex but ultimately usable interface presented. The 1Ds produces the best combination of resolution, color accuracy and low noise that I’ve yet seen in a digital camera. The 1Ds’s full-frame 11MP CMOS sensor produces a 32MB file – as big as a typical scan. But this file is sharper and more noise free than any scan I have ever seen, including drum scans. READ FULL REVIEW

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  1. 17/12/2021
    I own one of these I have just used it today it’s still a great camera yes it’s old and needs a little skill to use it well but it still holds it’s own against the 1D mark 3 and the 1D mark2n good photos still are possible with it
    I am just a hobby photographer but know a good camera when I use one I have no reservation using this dispute it’s age it’s still a force to be reckoned with
    Kasploticus @

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