Client Proofing on Your iPad With YouProof

Selling prints is never an easy task.

Tools like Preveal and the Photocrati eCommerce system make it easier.

But selling doesn’t end there.

Today I am happy to share YouProof, a new iPad app designed to allow your clients to select and order prints while you’re sitting next to them.

Take a look…

As you can see the YouProof app is simple and get’s the task done. Quickly browse and click to select your favorites and then email the order to yourself for final production.

Neat, right? Check out YouProof today or download it from the iTunes app store.


Scott Wyden Kivowitz is the Chief Community Officer at Photocrati Media. You will find Scott blogging here, at Imagely, and hosting our podcast. Learn about the Imagely team

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  1. Android???

    1. Not yet but I know they want to if enough people request it

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