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Photocrati Feature – Custom CSS for Desktop vs Mobile

With Photocrati 4.8 out we decided to take an opportunity to share some of the new features we’ve included in the theme.

For advanced users who like using custom CSS, we made things a little easier for you.  In Photocrati 4.8 when set to a modern skin, you now have the ability to add custom CSS specifically for desktop or mobile.  In addition you can also add custom CSS to impact the overall site no matter device is loaded.

Check out the video:

This opens the doors for theme customization and design and we cannot wait to see what you come up with.

Thanks and enjoy,

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  1. Like the look of this although wanted to ask under the option for custom css would you be able to set a different logo for mobile

    1. Hi Richard,

      That’s not currently an option but please contact support with your request so the team can log it in and get further feedback from you.

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