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Photocrati Feature: Turn Responsive On and Off

With Photocrati 4.8 out we decided to take an opportunity to share some of the new features we’ve included in the theme.

In this video you’re going to see how you can easily turn responsive capability on and off.

When we decided to add responsive capability into the theme we didn’t want to force all theme users to use it. Because when it comes down to it, not everyone wants that feature.

So we converted the standard Photocrati theme into what is now called legacy and modern.

Legacy – how the theme was prior to version 4.8, with a non-responsive view that doesn’t shrink on mobile devices.

Modern – a fully responsive design where the content and images will shrink and the menu will adjust for mobile devices.

The neatest part is we made the switch literally a couple clicks. One to choose legacy or modern (legacy is on by default for upgrades and modern is default on new installs), and one to confirm the change.

Check out the video:

It is worth noting that if you are running a preset that is untouched or customized in anyway then you are better off simply re-choosing that preset rather than just switching from legacy to modern. The reason is because once you switch to modern further customization is required to the theme.

New custom CSS blocks will be used rather than the original legacy custom CSS blocks. The menu will change because it’s now a responsive menu, and potentially other things won’t look identical. If you are already using a customized preset then you’ll have to customize further for the new responsive feature.

We hope you enjoy Photocrati 4.8 – please be sure to comment with a link to your new website using 4.8 or send us a link on social media. We’d love to share it with the Photocrati community.

Thanks and enjoy,

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  1. With the responsive menu.. Is there a way to have the 3 bars next to the site title instead of below? If not please consider for future releases.

    1. That’s not a common method for the hamburger icon, but our support team might be able to help you with some custom CSS. Give them a shout 🙂

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