Gitzo GT3530LSV Moutaineer 6x Carbon Fiber Tripod Review Round-Up

gitzo-gt3530lsv-moutaineer-6x-carbon-fiber-tripodThe Gitzo GT3530LSV 6x Carbon Fiber Tripod delivers the quality, features and performance that professionals and serious amateurs require from their camera support. I’ve been using a Gitzo G1327 Carbon Fiber Tripod for many years and have grown to appreciate it a great deal – It has been one of the most important pieces of equipment I own. Gitzo has refreshed their carbon fiber tripod line with the 6X Series. The best photographers in the world have relied on Gitzo carbon fiber tripods for their careers – for many years. The new 6X line improves on an already great product. Those using the prior Gitzo Carbon Fiber models will have to look carefully for a feature they really need/want to decide if an upgrade makes financial sense as the differences are not huge. I think the Gitzo GT3530LSV 6x Carbon Fiber Tripod is a great tripod. It functions exceptionally well and is built to hold up for the long haul. And Gitzo is betting on this point – by giving us a limited lifetime warranty. READ FULL REVIEW At

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