Gitzo GM3550 Mountaineer 6x Carbon Fiber Monopod Review Round-Up

gitzo-gm3550-mountaineer-6x-carbon-fiber-monopodThe Gitzo GM3550 6x Carbon Fiber Monopod shares most of the GM5540’s great features including G-Locks, 6X Carbon Fiber Legs and great construction quality. Still, the differences are many. While they are similarly-sized retracted (the GM3550 is 21.3″, 54 cm), the GM3550 has one additional leg section (5 total) that allows it to extend much higher than the GM5540 – to a very-high 75.6″ (192 cm). Unless you are really tall, this height would require steps, a ladder or another photographer height assistance tool to reach (remember – the camera and lens have a height of their own above the monopod height). However, extending the narrowest (bottom) leg section to get this height results in more wiggle at the bottom leg lock than I prefer. With this section closed and locked, this is a very solid monopod. It handles the Canon EF 400mm f/2.8 L IS USM Lens and the Canon EF 600mm f/4 L IS USM Lens with ease. The Gitzo GM3550 6x Carbon Fiber Monopod is rated to hold 36.9 lbs (18 kg) – significantly more than the larger-diameter Gitzo G1588 was rated. The lower weight rating compared to the GM5540 is likely the result of a smaller-diameter leg design. You won’t notice much difference in stability, but you may or may not like the thinner grip section. My personal preference is for the thicker grip – I can control the camera and lens slightly better with it. People with smaller hands (mine are medium-sized) will be better able to control the GM3550. The Gitzo GM3550 6x Carbon Fiber Monopod is about 20% less expensive. It has a smaller top plate. At 1.4 lbs (600 g), it is lighter (compared to 1.9 lbs / 0.9 kg). I could be very satisfied to use this monopod for all of my needs. READ FULL REVIEW AT

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