Bogen 3262 ballhead Review Round-Up

bogen-3262-ballheadThe 3262 comes in two versions, QR and non QR. The QR version doesn’t use the standard Bogen hex plates. It uses a smaller rectangular plate, which makes more sense on a medium-small ball head. I’ve used the non-QR version, so that’s what I’ll talk about. The 3262 is a simple head. No panoramic base, a single ball lock/unlock lever, no adjustable ball tension. Within these limits it works quite well. I’ve used it with lenses up to a 300/4 (with TC), but that’s the upper limit. I wouldn’t even think of putting a 300/2.8 on it. Overall, it’s a decent, solid ball head for an SLR with small (maybe medium) lenses. At the price, again you can’t really beat it. READ FULL REVIEW AT

If you own or have used this tripod and camera support, let us know what you think! Leave your comments and thoughts below.

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