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bogen-3051-tripodIf the 3001 is the light weight of the trio, the 3051 is the heavyweight. It weighs in at 12.65 lbs. Way too much to carry around in the field for most people. However, it’s very, very, stable. It’s also big even when collapsed (over 3ft without a head) since it only has two-section legs. One unique feature is that just by pushing a tab at the top of the tripod, you can release all three legs, extend the tripod to the height you want, then lock it by releasing the tab. You can also do the same thing for each leg individually. It’s the most stable tripod I’ve used, beating out the 3 and 4 series Gitzos and Carbon Fiber tripods. So it should, given its weight. If you can haul it around in the trunk of your car, or use it in a studio, it’s great, but carrying it far isn’t an option I care for very much. Not a field tripod in my opinion, but you can’t buy more stability for around $200. READ FULL REVIEW AT

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  1. I’ve had this model Bogen 3051 for about 5 years and yes it’s heavy, I once carted it to Europe with me. I did use a carring stap , but this baby weighs 12Lbs. It is the sturdiest Tripod I’ve ever used.
    I love the ,one button leg release , it’s very fast to set up and with all three legs able to move almost straight out 90 degrees I have never found a place I couldn’t set this up on. I use a 3255 Bogen head with this tripod.
    I also use a small , but sturdy 3021 with a speed grip 3265 head….I really love each of these tripods , neither has ever let me down.

  2. I have used this tripod for almost 25 years everyday as a professional photographer. It is a work horse that just never stops. I am a 5’4″ tall, 130 lb, 45 year old woman and have hauled this all over on location and in the studio. You won’t find a more sturdy tripod anywhere. In fact I am looking for a new one. Delta damaged my multi leg release and I can’t find the parts. V

  3. I just purchased this tripod used and need to find a mounting plate with it with a 1/4 ” screw mount. Does anyone know of where I would be able to purchase one?

  4. Purchased a used 3051 with a Bogen 3066 Fluid head in 1991. Have used it with a Sinar Bron 4×5, and a Mamiya RZ67 in my studio. Love the fluid head. It is truly a heavy beast but well worth the weight and the price. It is still rock solid. Havent used it much lately as my digital equipment is much easier to handle.

  5. As an old school photographer I used to tote this everywhere with an RZ67 or Hassleblad for portrait work and have used this tripod for over 20 years. I have 3, two are for parts in case I can no longer find parts. I have never greased or done regular maintenence on the 20 plus year old gear and it still works perfect. I would love to hear from anyone who has found a suitable replacement that deploys as fast as this. I use this tripod everyday on multiple locations and I’m getting tired of the weight but as far as I can tell there is no clear replacement. This is the most amazing tripod ever created and if you want stability and quick releasing legs you might want to head to the gym first. I know photographers that have tried this tripod and oimmediately cry about the weight but I just say buck up barbie!

  6. Great tripod. Heavy duty is an understatement. I purchased mine in the early 1990’s and I still use it today. Im using it for film a d tv work with an Oconner 50 fluid head, bogen ball head and quick release plate. Hands down the best tripod ever. The mid level spreader and wuick release function makes setting up fast. Yes its heavy, so I say buck up and dont complain about the weight, its a great tripod for the value.

  7. This tripod helped pay off a ton of mortgage for me. I used it in studio with a Sinar, on locations with RB67, attached a Gigapan head for panoramas, put it on a dolly for the dreaded convention floor work, slapped on a boom and strobe head, etc, etc.

    Made for a rock solid spotting scope platform. Superb video support. After retiring from photography it was used a lamp, shop fan holder, telescope support, line level laser, etc.

    Sadly it has been in poor storage on the coast for 12 years. I was recently “volunteered” to do Santa photos for a corporate Christmas party (talk about depressing). I dug it out of the muck, cleaned it up and knocked out the gig.

    Yes it’s heavy. I have a dip in one shoulder from lugging it around for 30 years of gigs. Other equipment comes and goes, but not the Bogen.

  8. I have a 3051 with a 3047 head… Bought it around 50 years ago from B&H Photo.
    Still have the tripod – very stable and still looks like brand new!

  9. I have owned this tripod for about 30 year and use a Bogan #3047 head. My primary use is wildlife photography with both still and video applications. I use high magnification lenses for distance shots with absolutely no vibration. It’s perfect for me.

  10. I have a number of tripods and this is the one I use in the studio for copy work because it is so stable, and the geared center column is especially useful when I’m setting up to photograph a painting. I originally used it for my 4X5, but it has moved with me into the digital age. I have 2 #3047 heads, one which I modified to take Arca-Swiss qr plates so I can use it with L-brackets.

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