Manfrotto 804RC2 Pan/Tilt Head Review Round-Up

manfrotto-804rc2-pan_tilt-headThe 804RC2 Basic Pan/Tilt Head, which is constructed from tough, technical polymer, is suitable for use with camera/lens combinations weighing up to four kilograms. It adds 12 cm to the height of the basic tripod and 750 grams to overall weight. As supplied, the 804RC2 requires some assembly before it can be used. This involves screwing-in two handgrips, which control adjustments for lateral leveling and forward/backward tilt. Both these controls cover an angular range from -30 to +90 degrees. A smaller fitted handgrip controls 360-degree panning movement. Large, handles give a secure and positive grip, while spring-loading provides compensation for heavier, off-centre loads. The 804RC2 provides the traditional directional controls that photographers require with easy controllability. Although designed to be operated with both hands, the controls are comfortable to use and lock positively and securely into place. Overall balance is excellent. READ FULL REVIEW AT

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  1. I neeo a head for macro work I have been told not to get a ball head. Can you aivuse please. I am looking at manfrotto 804rc2 3 way head

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