Manfrotto 322RC2 Heavy Duty Grip Ballhead Review Round-Up

manfrotto-322rc2-heavy-duty-grip-ballheadThe Manfrotto 322RC2 Heavy Duty Grip Ball Head is made from magnesium to ensure light weight and high performance. Its design keeps the weight of the camera plus lens as close as possible to the tripod’s centre of gravity. This head only adds 10.3 cm to the height of the tripod and 700 grams to overall weight. Targeted mainly at photographers with SLR cameras with relatively light lenses or advanced, long-zoom digicams, it can also accommodate lighter medium format camera/lens combinations. Maximum recommended load is five kilograms. Flexibility of movement is the key feature of this novel tripod head, which is designed to allow single-handed positioning in all directions, freeing the photographer’s other hand to access the camera’s controls. The head supports 90 degrees of lateral tilt in each direction and front tilt from -90 degrees to +3 degrees. Panoramic rotation of 360 degrees is provided. This head is the most flexible tripod head we have used and it’s very easy to get used to manipulating the direction and orientation of a camera through the adjustments provided by the grip. Freeing one hand to control the lens and camera adjustments while the other controls the framing position is a big advantage in many shooting situations. All movements are smooth and the head is easily locked into place when the correct camera position is achieved. READ FULL REVIEW AT

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