Manfrotto 485B NeoTec Tripod Review Round-Up

Manfrotto has introduced what they call the world’s first fully automatic self-regulating tripod – the NeoTec. The NeoTec line of Pro Photo Supports, currently comprising the 458B tripod and 684B monopod, is built around an innovative self-regulating mechanism inside the leg that is said to deliver unmatched speed, stability and ease-of-use. The 458B is also equipped with a number of new features, including a new split column with built-in low angle adapter, enabling users to set up a camera as low as 3.94 inches off the ground. When the center column height impedes the tripod setup, the adapter allows users to switch from normal to low-angle set-ups without having to remove the camera and head each time they change position. The center column can also be used for horizontal settings for unusual angles and macro work. Closing the NeoTec is just as easy. By simply pushing a single release button, the user can disengage the internal mechanism and effortlessly collapse the leg. This design is accomplished without the use of external levers, knobs or screws. In addition, the internal locking mechanism actually enhances the stability of the support as more weight is added, making it the ideal support product for virtually any camera or photo application. READ FULL REVIEW AT

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