Bogen 3001 Tripod Review Round-Up

bogen-3001-tripodThe 3001 is the “baby” of the line. It’s not tall enough to reach eye level for most adults without the center column extended, and even with it fully extended, those over about 5ft 6in will have to bend a little. So why is it useful? Well, it’s light (3.6 lbs) and very sturdy for it’s size. It’s also cheap. It’s a low cost alternative to the Gitzo 1227/1228 carbon fiber tripods which are a little lighter (3.3 lbs), extend a little higher, are a little more stable, but cost about $500 more. READ FULL REVIEW AT

If you own or have used this tripod, let us know what you think! Leave your comments and thoughts below.

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  1. My 3001 is about 20 years old. I have an extended column, as it is mostly used indoors. That is one of the nice aspects of Bogen/Manfrotto, is the extensive list of accessories and replacement parts. Outdoors, I prefer twist locks, like Giottos, or Gitzo, as they are harder to foul. Very impressed with Giottos.

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