Manfrotto MF 190xPROB Tripod Review Round-Up

manfrotto-mf-190xprob-aluminum-pro-tripodThe new 190XPROB model retains all the best-loved features of its predecessors but provides improvements in build, compactness and ease of use. Swinging the centre column from vertical to horizontal position is straightforward. You simply release the column locking knob and raise the column while pressing the button at the base of the column. When the column is in its highest position, this button triggers a release that allows it to be swung into horizontal position. The camera can then be balanced by sliding the entire column forwards. Reversing these steps restores the column to its vertical position. This adjustability is valuable for macro photography, low angle shooting, extreme balance points and off-centre work. It will also be valuable for chair-bound photographers, who can sit beside instead of behind the tripod and be much closer to the camera’s viewfinder. READ FULL REVIEW AT

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Manfrotto 190XPROB 3 Section Aluminum Pro Tripod

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Photographers looking for unusual flexibility in an affordable, lightweight aluminum tripod will appreciate this new 3.9-pound model. Its center column can be removed and remounted horizontally, and although Manfrotto doesn’t advertise the feature, it can also be reversed. A simple swiveling element inside the component that holds the center column in place allows you to switch quickly and easily between vertical and horizontal positions. Instead of putting a hook for extra weight on the bottom of the center column, as is typical, Manfrotto placed the hook on one side, near the tripod shoulder. This allows you to increase stability by providing a counterweight to the camera when you have it mounted on a horizontal center column. The tripod also has a built-in spirit level.Folded up, the 190XProB is 22.4 inches long. Unfolded, it’s designed to support up to 11 pounds of camera. Its four flip-lock leg segments extend to a 48-inch height, 57.5 inches with the center column fully extended. The legs lock at four angles — more versatile than the usual three. This ‘pod can also get quite close to the ground, with a 3.3-inch minimum height when you’re using the center column horizontally. Two of the legs are padded, making the new Manfrotto easier on the shoulder and more comfortable to the touch in cold weather. The supplied rubber feet can be replaced with spikes, sold separately. About $145. READ FULL REVIEW

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