5 Tips to Increase Photo Sales

5 Tips to Increase Photo Sales

There are so many methods for increasing photo sales in your business. Today we want to just share a few of those. Sometimes the simplest ones are the ones most often overlooked.

Be kind to your clients

Treat your clients right. Talk to them like you’re best friends. Stay positive whenever you interact with them. Offer compliments, and spoil them rotten.

Be upfront about the process

From the get-go tell your clients about the ordering process. That way when the time comes they won’t be caught off guard.

Make the process easy, and offer guidance

Use tools like NextGEN Pro (including with Photocrati Pro) to simplify the sales process. Offer to hang their prints on their wall for free.

Meet with them in person

Have you ever tried in-person sales? If not, it might be worth giving it a shot. When you do in-person sales, you can sell a heck of a lot more wall art than you could otherwise.

Communicate every step of the way

Keep the line open and make sure your client knows you are there for them.

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