The only camera of the three to boast a Movie mode, the EOS 5D Mk II can generate 1080p HD video clips of fabulous quality. As discussed in the text, autofocus is not practical in Movie mode, so this feature is most useful for situations where the camera-to-subject distance is not likely to change.

Should Photographers Offer Video?

There are many good reasons for still photographers to also create videos for clients.

But does that harm videographers?

Watch the video, then you be the judge!

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  1. I’ve started to branch out into video, but not the traditional kind – I try to be a bit different. Also as still photographers we are able to add a bit of a sllideshow aspect to any video we make. Nice article.

  2. Shot a video with a reflex is very interesting. I start to use my composition technique and boken skills for create a very cinematic effect!

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