Lowepro Off Road Beltpack Review Round-Up

lowepro-off-road-beltpackLowepro Off Road Beltpack: ideal for one DSLR body and 1-2 larger lenses or 3-4 primes. The Off Road is good for photojournalism, traveling, or hiking. The additional zoom lenses can be carried with the removable SlipLock cases on either side of the main compartment. If you are traveling light, you can take them off and just use the main compartment.

Each SlipLock case will also hold either a water bottle or snacks, a convenient feature for an off-road experience. If the supplied SlipLock cases aren’t the right size for your lenses, Lowepro makes about 30 different cases which can be looped on to the beltpack and compression-strapped to the main compartment. When hiking or traveling, it may not be so comfortable to fill the Off Road bag to capacity, as this puts a lot of weight on your hips. Also, I found I had to occasionally cinch the waistbelt tighter to prevent too much bouncing of the heavier bag while walking or biking. In this case, the shoulder strap comes in handy. You can have the bag strapped around your waist, as well as cross-supported over your shoulder. READ FULL REVIEW AT PHOTO.NET

If you own or have used this bag, let us know what you think! Leave your comments and thoughts below.

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