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What makes photography so interesting is the constant learning process: new equipment, new techniques, new software. It can become overwhelming at some point. Well thankfully there are plenty of resources available to feed the mind and expand your knowledge. My latest read has quickly become my favorite, my new pocket guide so-to-speak. Joe McNally’s The Hot Shoe Diaries: Big Light from Small Flashes (Voices That Matter) is not only fun to read, as is Joe’s style, but it’s also a fantastic source to learn how to master the use of small lights. It doesn’t matter that the book features Nikon Speedlights, exclusively. It’s knowing what to do with the lights, be it Nikon, Canon, etc that is important.

What I really enjoyed about the book is Joe’s approach to each assignment. Most photos feature sketches and diagrams of light and camera placements. The book goes into great detail about the benefits of using small flashes, and how to light big areas with small lights. Joe’s approach to lighting is to take each shot to the next level and this book shows you how by adding just a simple, small strobe. Doesn’t matter your skill level, pros and newbies alike will benefit greatly from this book.

So if you are looking for informative, entertaining summer reading pick up a copy of The Hot Shoe Diaries; Big Light from Small Flashes. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Thanks for this mini review. I ordered the book and it does look great. This guy has really had some adventures!

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