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The D2Hs offers a faster buffer and a presumed improved buffering method. This translates to eight frames per second in continuous shooting, capturing 50 JPEG frames, or 40 NEF frames. Other improvements include a higher resolution monitor and 3D Matrix Metering II. Coupled with the the new Wireless Transmitter WT-2/2A, the D2Hs provides working Photojournalists with a faster and more secure tool for capturing and transferring their images. While the D2Hs is certainly an improvement for its targeted market, that being daily news shooters, it has left others scratching their heads. Where’s the higher resolution? A 4.1 megapixel camera is hardly groundbreaking news. The overall feeling is that Nikon is getting further and further behind Canon in the digital market. READ FULL REVIEW

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Nikon’s recently-released D2Hs digital SLR replaces the D2H model that raised the performance stakes for DSLRs when it appeared in 2004. Like its predecessor, it’s targeted specifically at sports photographers and photojournalists who cover action of any kind. When you pick up the D2Hs, the most obvious difference between it and its predecessor is the viewfinder, which is bigger, brighter and more comfortable to use. The LCD monitor has also been improved, with higher resolution and a re-engineered interface that is clear and flicker-free, plus an easier-to-read menu … In image playback mode, the new display supports up to 15x of playback magnification … The test camera produced image files that were generally clean and colour accurate. Imatest showed image resolution to be slightly lower than you would expect from the sensor’s specifications but shots were generally sharp enough to make good A4 sized prints. READ FULL REVIEW

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  1. “Most of the other improvements over the D2H were cosmetic…” I don’t really know what to think of that. It actually makes me wonder if you have actually shot with both cameras.

    There’s several key differences beyond the ones you mentioned, which make the D2Hs a FAR superior camera:

    1. 3D Matrix Metering II
    2. An improved menu system – Just like the D200, and much easier to navigate.
    3. Most importantly, there is much improved image processing. The color and WB is improved, and the noise reduction processing is entirely new. The horrible red chroma noise blotches from ISO 400 and up in the shadows on the D2H are gone, and the noise overall is improved about two whole stops from the D2H. This makes it so much better for everything, from daytime events where the shadow noise can become a problem to tricky indoor and night sports.

    I’ve owned three copies of the D2H, and while they’re nice to use in the daytime they are absolutely horrendous in low light. The D200 isn’t a whole lot better although it has an advantage with the size of its images, but the D2Hs really takes the cake.

    After using 10MP on the D200 and Canon 40D, I have to say that the D2Hs’ 4.1MP is a relief. The difference in real world resolution is marginal at best, and it’s easier to get sharper photos on the D2Hs. They process quickly and I don’t have to always shoot in NEF mode like I did with the D200 (noise reduction issues). I cannot think of the last time where 4.1MP wasn’t sufficient for me, so I’ll stick to it and the faster image processing times.

  2. hi ben
    interested in your comments on d2hs – very disappointed with d200 ( recent greek project- new camera)
    as against d70/fuji 3, difficult to overcome, it seems, the stronger anti-aliasing filter by in camera tweaks
    and as i dont want the bother of raw am considering nice d2hs i have been offered – mad or what?

  3. Hey Tony,

    You’re not mad at all. I’m a Capitol Hill photographer here in Washington, DC and shoot motorsports (mostly motorbike races for fun (and extra profit). I use my beloved D2Hs for almost all projects. I am spoiled by its amazing speed and rugged construction (both essential for 300 kph action in punishing venues). As for image quality; well, I have never had a complaint from any client, including some very finicky magazine editors. The output of the D2Hs holds up very well against latest generation cameras. I love it. Snap one up. You won’t regret it.

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