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The D1H is based on the original 2.74 megapixel D1 sensor but has a far larger data buffer and frame rate ability. Capable of shooting at a maximum of 5 frames per second for up to 40 frames the D1H is clearly aimed at sports and current affairs journalists who need high frame rates and good buffer size. … Nikon took the already very good D1, fixed several of the issues surrounding it (color space, pattern noise) added even better image quality, a much more user friendly menu system and text custom functions. They also boosted its continuous shooting speed and added a larger buffer. … The D1H is an excellent, extremely well built, well engineered and high image quality digital SLR in its own right, its pricing is competitive … The real question will be deciding between it and the excellent D1x. READ FULL REVIEW

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The Nikon D1 has become the camera of choice for photojournalists but it left many sports photographers wanting for a faster capture rate and a larger image buffer. If you passed on the purchase of a D1 for these reasons you’ll be happy to know that the D1H now has a continuous capture speed of 5fps and can buffer up to 40 frames. The D1H captures very realistic skin tones as well as all the other colors. This is a big and heavy camera by consumer camera standards, it weighs a good two and half pounds before you stick a lens on it. … The bottom line – the D1H is a professional digital camera that will please both the photojournalist and the sports shooter as well as advanced amateurs. READ FULL REVIEW

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