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Digital Photography Review

The D1H is based on the original 2.74 megapixel D1 sensor but has a far larger data buffer and frame rate ability. Capable of shooting at a maximum of 5 frames per second for up to 40 frames, the D1H is clearly aimed at sports and current affairs journalists who need high frame rates and good buffer size. … Nikon took the already very good D1, fixed several of the issues surrounding it (color space, pattern noise) added even better image quality, a much more user friendly menu system and text custom functions. They also boosted its continuous shooting speed and added a larger buffer. … The D1H is an excellent, extremely well built, well engineered and high image quality digital SLR … READ FULL REVIEW

Other Nikon D1 Reviews

Steve’s Digicams

This is the first “all Nikon” pro digicam and it is based on their hugely successful F100 pro 35mm SLR camera and includes most of its features. Photographers using the Nikon F100 or F5 film cameras will be instantly at home with the D1 … Compared to the current consumer and even prosumer digicams, the Nikon D1 will leave you speechless with its incredible autofocus speed. It can even track moving objects and maintain the focus right up to when you fully push the shutter button. … put the camera into Continuous Mode and fire away at 4.5 frames per second … up to 21 full resolution shots can be stored in the large internal buffer before it needs to write to the CF card. READ FULL REVIEW

Luminous Landscape

The D1 may suit the needs of a certain segment of the photographic community, press photographers and the like, but I don’t see it or similar cameras meeting the needs of a more general audience just yet. It’s still a relatively low-resolution device. At 300dpi one gets a 5X7 print. … I was impressed though with the dynamic range of the images and the cleanness of histograms. I was less impressed with the news that the application software needed to really get the best from the camera … is extra cost. … I still believe that the D1 is an important camera. Not for what is is, but for where it’s pointing – to a day not far off where digital images from single-shot cameras and backs will be of a quality level to replace film. READ FULL REVIEW

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