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While it represents only a relatively minor upgrade relative to the original D2X, the Nikon D2Xs remains an exceptionally strong competitor in the professional SLR market…The D2Xs is really just a running upgrade of the original D2X, adding a few enhancements and improving performance slightly, but leaving the basic operation unchanged. Reflecting this, most of this review is lifted directly from our earlier review of the D2X, although all test images were reshot, and the analysis of what we found there is all-new. …By far the biggest deal with the D2Xs is its dual-resolution nature. It can be used as either a high resolution 12.21 megapixel SLR capable of around 20 JPEG shots at five frames per second, or change to a 6.87 megapixel speed demon that can deliver up to 34 JPEGs at eight frames per second….Our feeling about the camera is pretty well summed up in the list of pros and cons above: There’s just a load of things to like about this camera, and precious little to complain about! READ FULL REVIEW

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Nikon made a handful of upgrades to the 12.4-megapixel D2X to create the D2Xs. In addition to improving the LCD viewing angle and tweaking the autofocus performance, the battery life, and a handful of other minor features, Nikon also modified the high-speed crop function to make it more intuitive to use. They’ve also added a new black-and-white mode, added Adobe RGB as an option when using the camera’s various color modes, and added 1/3 stop steps between ISO 800 and Hi-1 (Nikon’s equivalent to ISO 1600). The D2Xs is geared toward professional photographers. Images from the Nikon D2Xs are stunning. Under optimal conditions you can capture oodles of sharp detail with extremely accurate color and a wide dynamic range. … It is an extremely responsive, powerful imaging tool meant to tackle even the most challenging photographic situations, and it lives up to the task. Though there are other cameras that can top it in certain areas, you’d be hard-pressed to find a camera that is as versatile as this one. For Nikon shooters, you can’t get any better than the D2Xs. READ FULL REVIEW

The Nikon D2X is the latest in Nikon’s series of digital SLRs and goes head-to-head with the Canon 1D mark II and 1Ds mark II. In pixel count the D2X at 12.4MP comes between the 8.2MP 1D mark II and the 16.7 MP 1Ds mark II. It matches the 1Ds frame rate of 5 fps, and in a reduced pixel mode (6.8MP) its 8fps matches the 8.5fps (but 8MP images) of the 1D mark II. With an effective 1.5x “multiplier”, the D2X uses a smaller CMOS sensor (23.7 x 15.7mm) then either the 1D mark II (28.7 x19.1mm) or 1Ds (36x24mm). The D2X has ISO settings from 100 to 800 with “H1” and “H2” settings for ISO 1600 and ISO 3200 (both the Canon 1Ds mark II and 1D mark II cover ISO 100 to 1600, with extra settings for ISO 50 and ISO 3200). This perhaps suggests that the smaller pixels of the D2X (5.5 micron, vs. 8.2 microns on the 1D mark II and 7.2 microns on the 1Ds mark II) mean higher noise levels, but time and testing will be needed to see if that’s true. READ FULL REVIEW

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Resolution, speed and most of the D2Xs is the same as the D2X. Same body. Same camera. Everything gets a little bit better every time any camera maker rolls another year of wisdom and refinement into firmware and hidden internal hardware updates. What’s more important than any of the minor changes listed below are how well everything comes together as a whole. Digital cameras in 2006 are still in the same primitive stages of development that PCs were in the 1970s. Today it’s important to go with the newest products, unlike with film cameras. If you earn your living with your camera you’ll want one of these. If you want a camera to take with you for fun, relaxation and vacation this isn’t it: it’s a huge, hulking beast of a pro camera. You will stand out everywhere you go, and you’ll always know you have this thing around your neck. READ FULL REVIEW

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The D2xs doesn’t change much from the D2x. The primary change is that the high-speed crop mode is now easier to see because it uses an LCD overlay to show the crop area rather than four small LED brackets at the corners. Overall, no big changes, but lots of little things that do help getting the most out this camera. READ FULL REVIEW

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