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Well the D1x takes the strengths of the D1, throws away the weaknesses and builds a whole raft of new functionality, features and usability. When you see the camera as a whole, it’s excellent build quality, super rugged body and you add amazing resolution, superb color reproduction, low noise at higher ISO’s, fast operational speed, and support for Microdrive, you begin to realize that the D1x is going to be a very tough act for ANYONE to follow. An amazingly good performance, almost no visible noise all the way up to ISO 400, at ISO 800 there’s noise but it’s nothing too distracting. … I’m quite comfortable applauding Nikon and giving the D1x the crown of the best digital SLR on the market (at the time of writing this review). READ FULL REVIEW

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Thom Hogan

The D1x has a feature set that is at the top of the heap in digital SLRs (as this was written in January 2002). Even Canon’s 1D, the upcoming Contax’s 6 megapixel full frame sensor, and Fuji S2 6-megapixel camera are arguably either the equal or only slightly better in some specifications than the D1x. In short, I don’t have substantive handling complaints about the D1x. The transition from film bodies to digital was relatively painless, and all the things that have made Nikon 35mm SLRs some of the best cameras for pros have been passed on to the digital bodies, as well. READ FULL REVIEW

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