Photocrati 4.4 Available

Photocrati 4.4 Available


Photocrati has been updated and is now available to automatically update in your WordPress admin section.

What’s New With Photocrati:

  • Changed: Adjusted available updates display interface
  • Changed: Moved direct script requests to standard WordPress AJAX
  • Changed: Added automatic conversion of old purchases to the new member framework
  • Changed: Created upgrade script to remove old or obsolete files
  • Changed: Adjusted autoupdater to perform file overwrite instead of replace
  • Changed: Localized access for static files used in the theme so that they’re not pulled from the server
  • Changed: Theme files ported to new centralized settings management
  • Changed: Central theme settings manager created
  • Changed: Added CSS for galleries into the dynamic-style sheet
  • Bug: Fixed options groups strange double corners
  • Bug: Fixed “galleries” folder is not being created during fresh installations
  • Bug: fixed Image and Caption Indexing


As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support by visiting the members area.


Scott Wyden Kivowitz is the Chief Community Officer at Photocrati Media. You will find Scott blogging here, at Imagely, and hosting our podcast. Learn about the Imagely team

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  1. Cool — can hardly wait for your next up date to address new features.

  2. When are the next new updates coming with more feature requests? Don’t get we wrong — we love Photocrati — but would love to see more gallery management the next time you release an update.

    1. There is a lot in the works, but we can’t pinpoint times until we are 100% certain they’re close to completion.

  3. Where should we send feature requests to? I’d really like the option to pay with methods other than paypal, such as a check.

    1. You can send a feature request using the members contact form. Please note that when NextGEN Gallery Pro is complete and integrated with the Photocrati theme, the eCommerce system will be changed completely to a more detailed platform.

  4. When is there a better e-commerce solution, where you can set individuel prices for any pict in the gallery… : I only offers downloads…-)

    1. Once NextGEN Gallery Pro is complete, we are restructuring the eCommerce system completely.

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