Realtime Marketing Strategy With Realtime From Bitly

Realtime is a new search engine, currently in beta. It was developed by the company who brought the world

What is really neat about this search engine is the real-time social media search capability.

What it can do for photographers, is to pinpoint conversations or articles about a specific keyword with certain criteria. Look at this screenshot:


After typing your search query, you have the option to designate a social network or leave it as any. You can then put it in your location as a means to see what your competitors are doing, or maybe to strategize a way of contacting a potential venue/partner.

Next you can put in a domain that you’re eyeing. For instance, if you’re a New York photographer, then maybe the is an important domain to search. Last is one of my favorite features for local marketing. If you are a photographer in Spain, you can put Spanish as the language. Or if you’re in France, you can put French as the language. And so on…

Right now Realtime is in private beta so you need a account to request access. When it’s public, I can see this one gaining popularity.

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