How To Plan & Schedule Instagram Photo Publishing: Bonus w/ Hashtags

At Photocrati we use Instagram quite different than how a photographer would use it.  We Like photos we see, of course, but the photos we share are not always unique.  We use an app called Regram to share photos we really enjoy onto our own feed. These photos are shared with credit and a link back to the original Instagram user.

We also have a weekly roundup of Instagram photos using the hashtag #photocrati.

The video below walks through how I personally go about scheduling my photos on Instagram, and pre-plan with hashtags.

Here is a summary of the process explained in the video

  1. Organize into Lightroom collection, cropped to my liking.
  2. Sync collection with Lightroom Mobile
    1. If from my phone I grab the photo from Lightroom Mobile and download it to my phone.
    2. If I am on desktop then I skip to Latergram’s web interface instead of mobile app.
  3. I load Latergram and choose the photo I want to schedule.
  4. If I want hashtags then I load the keywords from my photo’s metadata.
  5. I then load copy/paste the keywords into a text document
    1. If mobile then I find/replace all commas with blank spaces
      1. I then load Notes which are sync’d via iCloud
      2. I open the Note on my iPhone and copy the keywords and paste them into #Everything, which adds the hashtag
    2. If desktop, then I find/replace all commas with hashtags
  6. Once hashtags are ready, I use those in the Latergram scheduled post.
  7. When the scheduled time is here, Latergram sends a push notification to my phone.  With a few clicks my photo is now posted to Instagram.  It’s important to note that Instagram doesn’t allow auto publishing so Lategram cannot post to Instagram without you manually helping it to.

Please follow me on Instagram and also check out my fellow Photocrati team member, Becky.  Her digital sketches are beautiful! And of course, be sure to follow Photocrati on Instagram and use the hashtag #photocrati to contribute to the Instagram weekly roundups!

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