Sigma 14mm f/3.5 AF Review Round-Up


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Thom Hogan

Oh my, here’s a lens wide enough to take in almost your entire vision, yet with very little linear distortion (i.e., straight lines remain straight). Sigma has managed to make a very wide angle lens without most of the optical issues that plague them (light falloff, corner softness, chromatic aberration, etc.). With one major caveat, the Sigma 14mm f/3.5 is a decent performer. The edges are a little soft wide open. And I wouldn’t use the lens at f/22, as defraction seems to take a bit of sharpness away at minimum aperture. Fortunately, depth of field is so great even at f/3.5 (hyperfocal distance is less than 8′), that you’ll never really need to stop all the way down. I expected more light falloff in the corners, but this common wide-angle problem is well controlled on this lens. Unbelievably, straight lines really do stay straight. READ FULL REVIEW

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