Social Media Photo Sharing Sites (Infographic)

Our friend, Don Giannatti is a fantastic photographer and educator, and when he sent an email to his Lighting Essentials newsletter talking about social media photo sharing sites it sparked an idea.

You see, Don is a very honest and straight to the point educator.  No fluff, no mess.  Don’s goal when educating photographers is to state the truth without any gimmicks.  How can you not appreciate that?

Don also a fun sense of humor, and so after reading the email, the infographic design began.

The goal of the infographic is not to discourage you, but actually state one very important point.  The point being one you will find at the end.

Social Media Photo Sharing Sites Infographic

Social Media Photo Sharing Sites

Hopefully at this point you understand that with so many social media photo sharing sites out there, the ones to spend the most amount of time on are the ones where your customers are.

So whether your customers are on Pinterest or Google Plus, go there and engage in conversations.

Each section of the infographic started with a quote which was taken from Don’s email. We then added our own commentary with the captions and silly names.

We hope that you enjoyed the infographic and get the point we are making.

Please share this infographic with your social community and go find where your customers are spending their time.

Feel free to embed this infographic on your website using the code below.

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