Growing Your Circles On Google Plus

While scouring the Internet for awesome questions to answer, I came across this question:

“Ok so I am new to Google + and loving that it is so full of art and article but users what do you feel is the best way to grow your circles?”

This is not an easy answer but I can definitely share one way to increase your circle count.

Google Plus has an amazing algorithm for recommendations. When signing up for a Google Plus account, you have the option to put in topics of interest for recommendations of who to follow. While using Google Plus on a regular basis, you will also be recommended people to follow.

The way Google Plus gathers its recommendations is by who has who in circles, and who is engaging, getting +1s and shares the most.

So a very simple answer to a difficult question is to engage with people whether they are your target market or not. If you can get a high-level person, someone with a lot of clout on Google Plus, to circle you then that means you’re more likely to be recommended to others.

Try that one on for size.

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