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As you might know, the Photocrati theme has blog style galleries built-in.  These galleries offer the ability to display your galleries in a vertical strip.  Here is an example of one.

We’re happy to share a new tool that is available from our friends at MCP Actions. They’ve created a fantastic set of Lightroom presets that speed up the process for photographers to create blog galleries in a storyboard or collage format.

The video above says it correct. The MCP Actions Lightroom preset for creating these storyboards, really is extremely simple. To top it off, never having to leave Lightroom in order to create one takes the cake.


The sample you see here was one that took about 2 minutes to make.

So will you be giving the new Lightroom presets from MCP Actions a try?

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  1. Can you use both the Photocrati theme and MCP Actions at the same time on your website?

    1. The actions create a JPG file so you can upload it to your Photocrati galleries easily.

  2. Nice preset, but seriously why would one pay $130.00 when Lightroom already comes with ready made web layout presets?

    Just speaking my mind…

  3. It’s True. LightRoom already does this with a little setup time the first time you try it. After that, it is fast and you are ready to use the layout anytime. Not much reason to pay $130 for this action as far as I can see. Does it do something more than what we already have, functionality wise I mean?

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