Tamrac Expedition 8 Review Round-Up

tamrac-expedition-8Tamrac’s largest backpack, this new model can easily hold multiple D-SLRs, each with its own accessories, plus a 400mm f/2.8 supertele and a bunch of smaller lenses, with filters, gadgets, and cables. Dual “wing pockets” on either side of its QuickClip tripod harness allow fast access to small but important things like spare CF cards and batteries. The wings incorporate Tamrac’s easy-to-understand Memory & Battery Management System flags, which show what’s fresh and what’s spent (or full). A five-way adjustment harness system customizes the fit for any size photographer. READ FULL REVIEW AT POPPHOTO

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Get information and user reviews for this bag from Amazon: Tamrac #5278 Expedition 8, Expedition-Sized, Multi-Format Photographic Backpack, Black.

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  1. I own this bag. It is big but not very heavy when empty. I also own the expedition 7 and I can tell you the expedition 7 is a better constructed bag made of better materials. I bought by Exp 7 when they were still made in the US. Tamrac has since outsourced manufacture of the bag to China and it shows in the quality of their craftsmanship. The exp 8 has been in my closest all this time and already one zipper has broken off. It also does not feel as padded as my Exp 7. All things considered I feel it was not a good buy for the money. It was $250 so it was not cheap. Had the bag been made to the same quality standards as my Exp 7 then I would have been satisfied with the purchase. But as happens with most American companies they get greedy and outsource to China. They pocket the savings rather than pass it on to their customers and the customer gets an inferior product. I will now have to start looking for another company to buy my camera bags from.

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