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Twitter Analytics is now available to everyone.  With it you can learn more about how you’re tweets are doing.  You can also learn about your followers.

That’s want to share with you today.

The screenshot below is from the Followers tab in my Twitter Analytics for @scottwyden.

Here you can see that the bulk of my followers from the United States, which makes sense since that’s where I am located.  You will also see the top interests of my followers is 82% photography with the rest mixed between technology, other creative niches and more.

Identifying what your followers are interested in can help you reach further followers in addition to connect deeper with current followers.  For example, I know that 26% of my followers are interested in music. So if I tweet about music then I am more likely to engage with my followers than I would be if I tweeted about a topic that my followers are not interested in.

The last piece to the Follower analytics from Twitter is the list of other people that your followers are following.  You can see that people who follow me are also following a vareity of other photographers and even a photography store and photography news website.  The percentage is between 31% and 40% which shows that my tweets are very similar to theirs.

Head over to your Twitter Analytics and learn more about your followers today.

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