Update To Photocrati 4.6 Before WordPress 3.6

WordPress released version 3.6 which includes some new features.  When we released Photocrati 4.6 a few weeks ago, it included compatibility with the updated WordPress version.

It is extremely important that you update you Photocrati them to the latest version before updating WordPress.

If you stay on Photocrati 4.5.1, your website will display as normal. However, galleries can neither be created nor edited without updating to 4.6.

As always, if you experience any problems or need assistance upgrading, please contact support through the members area.

Thank you,


Scott Wyden Kivowitz is the Chief Community Officer at Photocrati Media. You will find Scott blogging here, at Imagely, and hosting our podcast. Learn about the Imagely team

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  1. Hi,

    I read this email too late! How can I fix it?


    1. Hi Guillermo,

      As long as you update Photocrati to 4.6 you should be ok. If you’re are unable to update for some reason, contact support and we are glad to help.

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