What have you blogged about lately?

Do you blog on a regular basis? Once in a blue moon? What have you blogged about lately that improves your business, attracts new clients or puts something fresh out there?

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  1. Nothing to say. I like reading blogs, but prefer never, ever to contribute.

  2. I am quite new to the social media side of the business but I do blog at least every week. I find it keeps ideas flowing for me on areas to improve and what I would like to shoot next. As a photographer I blog about shoots I have done or am doing, Some of my personal life (so clients can get to know me before meeting) and tips on better photography. Thanks Scott for this Point to Ponder

  3. I’m only new to blogging so I’m feeling like I’m trying to catch up with others in my area of interest, nature photography.
    From the short articles I have blogged about I seem to get a good response but this feedback is from people that already know me from activities I have conducted through the business. I’m finding it rather hard to attract new people to my blog. Any suggestions? 🙂

    I tend to blog with a mixture of light humour, helpful nature photography tips and latest news.

    As time passes and I continue to write more, I feel confident that my following will increase, well hopefully. 🙂

  4. I recently blogged an article with photos about using an older film camera, a Nikon F4, and took a series of photographs using a Smart Phone camera. I began my photographic career in the 1970’s and I love embracing new technology, but I also love the history of the camera and image making.
    Our site offers Photo Workshops and Tours and I am always pleasantly surprised at the interest I get on posts on the history of photography – and there will be more.
    I have started to look through by old negatives and I am amazed at the some of the ‘gems’ I have so there will be more posts on this subject from me.

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