Zack Arias On If He Had To Start His Photography Business Again

Zack Arias is one of my personal favorite modern photographers. There are so many amazing things about Zack that are so inspiring. These things go beyond just his photography. They’re also videos and words.

Zack has a way with words that catch your attention and keep you focused, listening hard.

Well, not long ago, Zack offered a free webinar with Photoshelter, where he shared a story about what he would if he had to start his photography business over again.

Below is the video recording of the webinar, but I want to get you thinking already by sharing his key points

  1. Hire an accountant because you’re a photographer and you may need help with the business aspect.
  2. Slash your expenses by getting rid of cable or drinks of coffee or the fancy car. Spend wisely.
  3. Know your business numbers, like the cost of doing business. Use the calculator from NPPA if you need to.
  4. Purchase only the gear you need for your business.
  5. Get a basic WordPress website (we can help you with that!)
  6. Get basic business cards with your name, address, phone number, website and email address.
  7. Pick a niche, like headshots, weddings or whatever it might be.
  8. Find a referral base and build that list. Ask customers to refer you business.
  9. For a limited time, shoot for free. Pick some friends and photograph them at no cost.
  10. Get involved in your local community and online communities.

Now that you see the key points, please enjoy the webinar.

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  1. Zach always has great advice and this is not only valuable advice for emerging photographers just starting out – it’s worth a read for seasons pros too!

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